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Grow your business with advertising opportunities you never had before

Our story

As advertising industry experts for more than a decade, the Bolderly leadership team noticed a shift in how companies were buying and selling advertising. These companies were seeking new ways to control their own pricing while streamlining outdated processes for both direct and programmatic campaigns.

From that moment Bolderly was born. It was founded to serve a market in need of a solution that can support the buying and selling of all types of advertising media that seamlessly aligns with existing technologies and workflows.

Today, the Bolderly marketplace not only achieves this goal, but it also enables publishers to increase revenue by lowering their cost of sale, while advertisers and agencies benefit from more effective campaigns that reach targeted audiences at scale in a flexible and data-driven manner.

Our mission & values

Growing your business often means you can only achieve this with a larger team. But we know there's a smarter way to grow. One that meets the ever changing demands for you and your customers. We believe businesses can grow in an efficient way using today’s technology. That's why we've created a solution that’s more than just a marketplace but one that simplifies the discovery of new advertising opportunities for businesses to grow smarter everyday.


We consider ourselves to be disruptive, striving continually to develop solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the media industry.


Advertising should not be as complicated as it has become; we intend to streamline the entire process for the benefit of all users.


We ensure the highest level of professionalism so that our platform meets your needs.


Always upfront and clear, no hidden charges or fees - what you see is what you get.

Grow your advertising business

Make new advertising opportunities available to you that you haven't had before.
It's never been easier to buy and sell cross-media inventory.

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