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What is Bolderly?

Bolderly is a cross-media advertising marketplace that helps publishers, advertisers, and agencies improve cross-media advertising efficiency. Bolderly connects premium publishers with the world’s leading brands via an easy-to-use online platform. Allowing publishers to easily monetize inventory and advertisers to meet their omnichannel campaign requirements in a single location.

How does it work?

Users of the Bolderly marketplace can sign up for free! Then, advertising buyers can search for and book advertising space all over the world. By simply using the built-in search options, the website will display all advertising space that matches the criteria of your choice. Once the Buyer has found the desired ad space, it can be added to their shopping cart and purchased. All transaction requests are automatically approved, and creative artwork files are typically managed within 36 hours.

Do I need to register to book ad space?

Yes, all users must be registered in order to purchase advertising space from

What is an advertising marketplace?

A marketplace is a solution that connects supply and demand. Publishers have ad space listings that reach a variety of target groups and demographics. Advertisers have products they want to get in front of these demographics. The advertising marketplace aims to bring together these publishers and advertisers in a single software solution to make the process of buying and selling advertisements less expensive and more efficient for both parties.

What fees do Bolderly charge?

It is completely free to register and search for advertising space. When a transaction is completed, the advertiser pays the total cost of their campaign as listed on Bolderly, and the seller pays an additional transaction fee to Bolderly.

What makes Bolderly different?

Existing marketplace solutions lack downstream workflows that would enable marketplace sales to be integrated with existing direct and programmatic workflows. Creating a new revenue channel that causes as many problems for publishers as it solves.

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